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Minnesota is poised to become a global leader in supplying the copper, nickel and precious metals that are essential to our way of life. And with new technologies and a comprehensive environmental review and permitting process, we’ll set the standard for environmentally responsible mining, right here in Minnesota.

Environmental Responsibility

Duluth Complex
The Duluth Complex is one of the world’s largest copper, nickel, and precious metal deposits.

Did You Know?

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    Minnesota is home to one of the world’s largest deposits of copper, nickel and precious metals.

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    Copper—a critical metal needed for hybrid cars and wind turbines—is essential for a green economy.

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    There is only one active nickel mine in the U.S., yet our country consumes 202,000 tons of nickel annually.

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    Mining will provide more than $2 billion for the Minnesota Permanent School Trust Fund.

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I support environmentally responsible development of copper, nickel and precious metals mining in Minnesota and the thousands of new jobs it will bring to our economy.

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News | October 5, 2015

Strong vote for copper/nickel mining

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News | October 2, 2015

PolyMet has continued support: $6 million from Glencore AG

by Bill Hanna Mesabi Daily News – Hibbing Daily Tribune ST. PAUL — PolyMet Mining Corp. reported Thursday that Glencore AG has funded on schedule the $6 million Tranche I secured debenture that is part of a previously-announced $30 million… Read More ›

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