About Mining Minnesota

MiningMinnesota is an initiative driven by a diverse coalition of organizations, companies and individuals committed to sustainable and environmentally responsible non-ferrous (non-iron) mining development in Minnesota. MiningMinnesota works with local citizens, businesses and other organizations to bring growth and job creation to the state through responsible development of natural resources. Now is the time for Minnesota to develop this new industry!

Economic development

The organizations affiliated with MiningMinnesota are committed to using innovative mining practices to improve the economies of northeastern Minnesota communities. Non-ferrous, modern mining offers significant, sustainable economic opportunities, such as: Ø Hundreds of high-paying jobsØ Hundreds of ancillary, "spin off" jobsØ Tax revenue for state and local governmentsØ Community revitalization Environmental responsibilityToday, people accept the fact that the government sets environmental standards for a variety of industries, including mining. New, innovative mining practices help ensure that both extraction and processing are environmentally responsible. These include: Ø Processing without smeltersØ Progressive reclamation of mine landsØ Limited surface impacts

Uses modern technologyLike all global industries, mining has undergone dramatic changes in recent years, bringing it firmly into the world of 21st century high technology. New, modern mining operations can demonstrate good stewardship of natural resources by using the latest technology to minimize disturbance and reclaim the land following operations. Meets global supply and demandThe state of Minnesota estimates that the more than 4 billion tons of untapped non-ferrous ore (copper, nickel, cobalt, platinum, palladium and gold) located in the state are perhaps the largest deposits of base and precious metals in the United States. These deposits were discovered in the 1950s and 1960s; however, due largely to lack of a viable processing technology to responsibly treat these ores, the saleable products could not be produced. Works within Minnesota's rigorous environmental regulationsMinnesota has long been a national leader in developing strict, yet sensible, regulatory processes for the development of its natural resources. The members of MiningMinnesota fully support these regulations, and their proposed projects will meet or exceed all standards, using best mining and reclamation practices coupled with the world's cleanest processing technologies. To that end, MiningMinnesota encourages legislators and other Minnesotans to understand that:Ø No new restrictive regulations are necessaryØ Proposed restrictions send a negative message about Minnesota as a place to invest in responsible mining Visit us onlineFor more information about MiningMinnesota and current projects, visit www.miningminnesota.com.