About Mining Minnesota

Backhoe Dusk Mining Minnesota is committed to sustainable and environmentally responsible mining of copper, nickel and precious metals. Driven by a diverse coalition of organizations, companies and individuals, Mining Minnesota works with local citizens, businesses and other organizations to bring growth and job creation to the state through responsible development of natural resources. Mining Minnesota seeks to provide the facts about copper, nickel and precious-metals mining in our state and offer a way for people to get involved and show support.


Members of Mining Minnesota

Executive Director
Frank Ongaro

Frank Ongaro


John Borovsky  **
Barr Engineering

Steven Donohue
Foth Infrastructure & Environment

Brad Moore  **
PolyMet Mining

Harry Noyes **
Encampment Minerals

Michael Perala
Minnesota Power

Cathy Suda **
Teck American Inc.

Anne Williamson
Twin Metals Minnesota



Bob McFarlin, President **
Twin Metals Minnesota

Andrew Ware, Vice President
PolyMet Mining

Julian Collins, Secretary-Treasurer
IDEA Drilling

**   Indicates Executive Committee Member

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