Modern Mining is
Responsible Mining

Today’s mining process is environmentally responsible, precise and thoughtful. It utilizes modern technology and scientific knowledge to better predict, plan for, and prevent or control adverse environmental impacts.

The last 15 years have brought about remarkable changes in the industry. Hydrometallurgical processes make it possible to selectively extract the valuable components and treat and contain all air or water emissions using a sealed steel vessel called an autoclave.

The chemistry of acid rock drainage is now fairly well understood. It is important to understand how that chemistry interacts with the environment. This requires comprehensive, detailed, site-specific  knowledge of the potential acid-producing products of mining and the environment in which they are produced, processed and disposed.

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New, innovative mining practices help ensure that both extraction and processing pose minimal risk to people and the environment. These include:

  • Hydrometallurgical processing, which eliminates most air emissions
  • Progressive reclamation of mine lands
  • Compact mining footprint, reducing surface impacts
  • Protection of air and water quality through multiple safeguards

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Environmental Review and Permitting

Minnesota has some of the strictest environmental standards in the world, which mining companies are required to meet or exceed during the environmental review and permitting process. This process was enacted into law and implemented by the state’s regulatory agencies, specifically the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

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