Protecting what's precious.
Building on our heritage.

PolyMet’s project will use modern technologies to meet some of the strictest environmental standards for air, land and water.

Prime opportunity

Three key factors play a role in understanding the importance of this new mining opportunity within the established mine zone in northeast Minnesota:

Modern technology

Modern mining and water treatment technology allows us to mine in an environmentally responsible way, meeting all state and federal environmental standards. Find out more about advanced mining technologies.


PolyMet’s project is situated within the Duluth Complex, one of the world’s largest undeveloped mineral deposits. See more about The Duluth Complex.


The world needs these essential metals to build wind turbines, cell phones and diabetes test strips. Learn more about demand for these metals.

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Diversifying NE Minnesota's
mining economy beyond iron ore


The project will create:

  • Hundreds of stable, long-term, family-sustaining jobs
  • Millions of hours of construction trades and labor jobs
  • More than 600 indirect and induced jobs in goods, services and other sectors

Economic benefit

The project will generate:

  • $515 million per year in St. Louis County
  • $15 million annually in state and local tax revenues
  • $45 million annually in federal tax revenue
  • More than $2 million annually for northeastern Minnesota schools
See more economic impact information